Do you need any special equipment to ride the trikes?

We do provide each rider with an approved bicycle helmet to use while riding however no other special equipment is needed.

Is there any place to store my camera and phone?

Yes, each trike has a case with a water bottle and pockets to store your camera, phone, wallet, or small purse. This way both hands are free to safely operate your vehicle.

Is there a discount for group bookings?

Yes. If you book 5 or more at one time you will save $10 per booking if you book online.

Frequently asked questions

Will we be shown how to ride these vehicles?

​Yes. Before starting any of our tours we give you an individual lesson (usually in the parking lot of where the tour starts) on every aspect of the vehicle then let you take a short practice ride. It usually takes just minutes to master but we make sure you are comfortable before we start.

Is there anything I should bring with me?

We recommend sunglasses and sunscreen. Money/credit card if you would like to purchase something from one of the shops along our route.

How long does a typical tour last?

Depending on the tour, it lasts about two hours. This includes stops for pictures, refreshments, restrooms, etc.

Is there a minimum age to ride this tour?

​We like to say 13-100 but it depends on the individual. They must be able to handle the vehicle safely and be comfortable riding in the bike lane when we have to go on roads.

Is there a weight limit to take this tour?

There is a weight limit of 250 pounds to ride this vehicle.